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Cash For Houses in Detroit – How to Sell Your Michigan Home for Cash

sell your Metro Detroit house for cash
Need to sell your local Detroit house fast for cash? Explore your options below…
Need to sell your local Detroit house fast for cash? Explore a few of your options below…

It’s true, even in this market, sellers are getting cash for their homes in Detroit MI.

Used to be, all you had to do was put a “For Sale” sign in your yard and wait for potential buyers…then you’d get five above asking offers before dinnertime! Not anymore!

Today, though, with a tough economy and an unstable mortgage & housing market, just about everyone is having trouble selling houses fast.

There’s more competition in the market as more and more people want to sell their homes fast. If you’re trying to figure out how to get cash for houses in Detroit MI, you’ve come to the right place.

Get Cash For Homes in the Detroit MI Area

There’s a few options when you’re selling your house for cash in today’s market…I’ll walk through some of them here. 

By the end of this article, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what options you have for selling your house fast without having to deal with a buyer who has to get a loan from a bank… which could take weeks or months.

#1 – Don’t get emotional

Selling your Detroit house fast starts with taking charge of your emotions. It is not possible to be truly emotionless. Emotions are a natural part of being human, and they serve a purpose. They can help us to connect with others, make decisions, and motivate us to take action. However, there are times when it may be helpful to remain calm and collected, and selling your house is one of those times! 

Control your emotions, and you will be able to make smart decisions to get the best deal while also selling your house fast.

#2 – Get to know your competition in Metro Detroit

Some homeowners don’t do much research before putting a “For Sale” sign in their yard. Bad move. Every buyer is looking to get a “deal”. But not every seller is looking to just give their house away. Some sellers can hold off for 3-6 months or longer. Can you wait that long? If you have the luxury of time, you can often wait around for the right buyer to come. I’ve been surprised by sellers who got the number they wanted to sell their house for, just by waiting! 

If you need to sell immediately…Take a look at what other houses in your neighborhood are selling for… then find out how long it took for them to sell. If you can’t wait that long… how much of a discount are you willing to give to a cash buyer to make them buy your house fast?

To help you understand your competition and your house value, make sure you know what the other sellers are trying to sell their house for, in order to know how to price your house competitively. Check websites like Zillow, Redfin or to get an idea of the value.

#3 – Assess your situation and property objectively

Make sure your house can compete with what’s on the market. Here’s a list of the Top 5 Ways to Increase Home Value. If you can do some of these things, you’re sure to see a boost in your homes equity. If you cannot, then it maybe more attractive to consider selling your house off the market. It is usually, but not always necessary to do at least some packing, cleaning and renovating of your house before you put it up for sale if you intend to sell it to a “retail” buyer (someone who intends to live there).

If you can’t handle or don’t have the money to do that? Call us. We buy Detroit houses… we pay cash… we can close fast… and you don’t have to do any repairs. That’s what we do here at Wise Property Buyers. 

Call us at 313-513-8824 if you need to sell fast…we can make you a fair all-cash offer within 24 hours. No obligation, no hassle.

#4 – Price it right

It’s common for sellers to ask too much for their houses.

Talk to an experienced real estate agent to determine what you might be able to sell your house for if you list it. If you can wait 3-6 months to sell to a full priced buyer, awesome! Price it high and see what happens!

To sell your house fast, you’ll have to price it more attractively and be willing to negotiate.

Want more tips to sell fast? Click here. Better yet, call us today at 313-513-8824 to get cash for houses in Detroit. 🙂

Wise Property Buyers offers cash for houses in Detroit. We’re local buyers helping local people sell their homes quickly.

We either hold and rent these houses out or renovate and fix them up for others who would love to live there and enjoy the home themselves.

See if your Detroit MI house qualifies!

Fill out the form to get a fast and fair cash offer on your Detroit MI house, or give us a call at 313-513-8824 and get an offer within 7 minutes

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