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Can I Sell My House in Garden City With Fire Damage?

Every year, about 358,000 houses in the United States alone suffer from fire damage, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. There are various degrees of fire damage, and some can be minor while others can completely demolish a home. In any event, you may be asking yourself what you should know about selling a fire-damaged house.

When selling your home in Garden City, the emotion and grief of a house fire can make it difficult to know where to begin. Whether the fire caused extensive structural damage across the property or only minor cosmetic damage in one area, the homeowner may be concerned that it will make selling their home substantially more difficult.

Thankfully, that is not the case, and just because a house has been damaged by fire does not mean it cannot be sold. Indeed, Wise Property Buyers have years of expertise in buying such homes by making rapid and fair offers to Garden City homeowners seeking a quick sale. In this post, we will highlight and discuss how to sell your house with fire damage in 2023.

Immediate Action After A House Fire

It’s natural to feel stressed, psychologically drained, and worried about the financial consequences of a house fire. However, there are important steps you must take immediately following a house fire.

Ready.Gov offers thorough advice concerning home fires, and they recommend contacting the Red Cross or your local disaster assistance program if you need temporary lodging, food, or medical attention.

What Fire Damage Means For Selling A House

Although fires frequently ignite in the kitchen due to the high temperatures involved in cooking, they can escalate in any part of the house for various reasons, including electrical and wiring issues. If fires are extinguished promptly, the damage may be minimal and primarily cosmetic, with soot deposited on walls, floors, or other fixtures and fittings being the only apparent surface damage. In contrast, structural damage happens when the fire is so intense that it compromises the structural integrity of the house.

When a house has fire damage, no matter if it’s cosmetic or structural, it means that the owner needs to accept selling it at a lower price than they would get for an undamaged home.

Selling A Fire-Damaged Property In Its Current State

As upsetting as it may feel, selling your home in Garden City after a fire may be necessary. You’re in luck if you don’t need to make any repairs or knock it down. Selling a house “as is” can be the best way to get away from home fire damage. There’s a chance you might go this way depending on where you reside and the demand for houses in your area! Consider what the home buyer suggests and decide if this is the best path for you. There are various advantages to selling a fire-damaged home as-is.

  • Save money upfront by avoiding costly repairs.
  • Saves time by avoiding the need to demolish the fire-damaged property.
  • Peace of mind knowing you are not liable if you sell it.

This selling strategy saves you a lot of money by avoiding costly maintenance. Fires can cause more underlying damage than you might think. Smoke can damage the walls and have a detrimental impact on the paint. Wooden beams can deteriorate as time passes. As Garden City home buyers restore a fire-damaged home, they may discover more unforeseen problems to address.

Wise Property Buyers can make you an offer for a house that has been destroyed by fire. Just because your property has fire damage does not mean it cannot be sold. We have years of experience making speedy cash offers for such properties at Wise Property Buyers.

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