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Cash Home Buyers in Detroit – Can I trust them?


Cash Home Buyers in Detroit

Selling your house to a “cash buyer” can have many benefits. As with anything in life, there are pros and cons. Many real estate investors are actually too busy running their companies or their “day jobs” to actually find great deals. For this reason, many investors turn to individuals and company’s who specialize in finding under market, valuable deals. In recent past, they’ve turned to Wholesalers for this task.

Wholesalers are people who find property that are distressed or underpriced, and then finds buyers for them. They do not take possession of the property themselves, but instead assign the contract to the buyer. Wholesalers typically make money by charging a fee, which is paid for the end buyer.

The investor wins because they don’t have to go out and find these opportunities themselves. They will compensate the “finder” with a finders fee for bringing those deals to them for investment.

Offers from Cash Buyers

An offer from a cash buyer will usually include terms that are more favorable to the seller than those of the traditional method of listing their house with a Realtor.

Many sellers who choose this route will be able to leave some or all their unwanted stuff behind. This is usually a truly as-is sale. It’s what most sellers mean when they say they want to sell as-is.

Most all sales are “as-is” (unless otherwise agreed)but a cash buyer will take this to a level not usually seem in the retail/traditional market. Some of the houses our company has purchased for instance, would be condemned by the municipality if they had seen its condition before they were fixed up.

These offers tend to convey a level of certainty that the seller knows what they’ll get at the end before chancing the market and seeing what retail buyers think of their house.

Should You Sell Your House to a Cash Buyer?

Selling your house with a Realtor usually means selling it for retail. Since most retail buyers want the house to be in move in ready condition, a home that has fallen into disrepair can be challenging to sell without a cash buyer / investor.

A house I bought once was from a seller who didn’t feel comfortable with strangers in her home.

Another seller didn’t want buyers to “judge” her house and was just too embarrassed by its condition to list it with a Realtor.

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Downsides of Selling to a Cash Buyer

Downsides of selling to a cash buyer can be numerous. First of all, usually listing the home will net the seller more money. Many “cash buyers” aren’t even buyers at all. They are “wholesalers” who are masquerading as buyers and many don’t have the cash or credit to actually perform on the sale. Their hope is to sell to another investor who will buy the contract from them.

This can cause many problems up to and including the deal falling apart completely. Additionally, many of the contracts used to make these types of offers strongly favor the buyer. It’s a good idea to have representation if you can afford it in something like selling your home.

In conclusion, although selling your house to a cash home buyer can have benefits, it can also have drawbacks.

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