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How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Metro Detroit

There are a lot of steps to finding a good real estate agent in Metro Detroit.

Local big real estate brokers spend thousands a month on making sure their agents are visible, whether it’s online, in the Yellow Pages, or by putting up giant billboards in the most busy spots.

In today’s article, we’ll look at how to find a good real estate agent in your city. The agents with the most promotion dollars aren’t necessarily the best, and may not be a good fit for your situation.

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Find A Good Real Estate Agent In Metro Detroit – Read Reviews…

Real estate agent reviews online are easy to manipulate, and are often little more than paid advertisements. Make sure the agent you’re considering is honest, and ask for recent client references.

Reviews are also a great way to see how a real estate agent does.

You can check out the agent by hitting Google and typing in “[name of agent] reviews” and see what comes up. If you see a bunch of bad reviews on websites like Yelp and others… see if the agent tried to deal with those negative reviewers online.

Real Estate Agents in Metro Detroit: What to Ask

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, ask the agent (or better yet, his or her former clients) the following questions:

  • What part of buying or selling a home did clients like or dislike the most?
  • Can you tell me what the asking price was?
  • How much did it sell for?
  • Can you tell me what properties you’ve worked on in my area?
  • How about properties that are similar in size (or price range)?

Choose an agent who has experience with your kind of home.

Make Sure They’re Legit

Verify the agent’s license with your state’s real estate regulator. While you’re there, you can also check for regulatory actions and complaints.

If the agent is representing an agency, ask how long they’ve been with that agency, and if they’ve worked for other agencies before.

Choosing a real estate agent in Metro Detroit that you can trust is key. It’s crucial to stay in touch when you’re selling your house, since it’s often the house that makes up the majority of your net worth. They’ll be able to answer questions like:

  • How many inquiries have been made about my home?
  • What percentage of these inquiries were from people likely to buy (not just window shoppers)?
  • Is there anything else for sale in this neighborhood? What’s the asking price?

Asking the Realtor How They Plan To Sell Your House

The direct route is sometimes best. If you’re looking for a local Metro Detroit MI realtor, ask them what they’ll do for you that the other agents won’t.

Great realtors actually have a marketing plan and will get your house out there and on the market.

Lowest Price Isn’t Always The Best Deal

It’s common for Metro Detroit MI home sellers to want the cheapest deal.

You’ve got to look at the numbers… if a real estate agent makes 3% on a $100,000 sale… that’s $3,000 just for one agent (usually both the buyer and seller get commission)… It’s always a good idea to do your research before going with a flat fee or cut rate agent… because that means you’re getting a lower level of service too.

It is true that some of the best real estate agents in Metro Detroit have great marketing systems and are able to sell homes faster and for higher prices.

Selling your house to a local real estate investor like Wise Property Buyers is not always the best. Look at the terms of the deal the house buyer offers you… and make sure they can close on time… because every month you hold the house costs you money.

You should stay away from low-quality real estate agents. They might be rookies who’ll do anything to get their first sale. A good real estate agent can make selling your home a breeze, and will act in your best interests.

Find a local agent by doing your research.

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