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Why Won’t My House Sell In Detroit?

Trying to sell a Detroit MI home? 

It is harder than it’s been in some time. The news says the real estate market is softening. Some even think the market is going to “crash”. You’ve probably heard your friends or co-workers talking about a declining market, high interest rates and screaming inflation. 

So why hasn’t your house sold? There are over 120 variables that affect the price and terms received when you sell your house. Overlooking or mismanaging these variables can have catastrophic financial consequences. 

Here are some tips to help you sell your home in Detroit, or anywhere! 

Why Won’t My Home Sell? – 6 Tips To Cure It

1) Get some good help.

It’s the same as before: there’s a ton of new agents and wannabe investors rushing into the market proclaiming they know what they’re doing.

It’s highly likely that your home will be your biggest investment – so don’t trust just anyone’s advice if you want to get great results. Do your research and if you’re going to use a Realtor, make sure to read their reviews. 

2) Don’t overdo it.

Too often, we see over-improved properties – those where the owners went too far. Think about getting it 80% of the way there. You’re aiming for 3.5-4/5. Sure 5/5 would be great, but it’s not required. You just need to get rid of clutter and think “neutral”. Take a look at this article – The Top 5 Ways to Increase Home Value in 2023. You’ll be on your way to getting the most bang for the buck on the updates you invest your hard earned dollars on! 

3) Repairs are necessary.

Fix all the little things. Show buyers that you’ve been a responsible property owner.

Make sure the trim is intact and that the switch and cover plates aren’t missing from your light switches and your outlets. Consider having a home inspector take a look and show off the report in the listing. Check out this list of the most expensive home repairs.

4) It’s important to look good.

It’s just as important to do a good job on the outside as it is on the inside. Make the house look great by painting the walls, updating the landscaping, and keeping it clean. Hire a designer to help stage it tastefully. Check out for some virtual staging if you can’t afford actual staging!

5) Don’t overprice it.

It may not be too far off in price if you’re getting a lot of showings. If you’re not getting any calls at all, it’s probably overpriced. In our local area, depending on the price and condition, the average home sells in about 30 days and takes 10-20 showings of people to look at it. If you’re unsure about how many showings you’ve had or how many it takes in  your local market, ask your Realtor! 

6) Every house sells – eventually.

I’ve seen properties sell for way more than I’d have thought they could or would, just by waiting. If you don’t need to sell fast, consider waiting for the right price and the right buyer.  


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