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Do you have a home in poor condition that you need to sell fast? When you’re left searching, “Sell my house fast in Michigan,” Wise Property Buyers can come to your rescue. As a top-rated home buyer in Michigan, we buy houses in Detroit, Westland, and over a dozen cities in between.

We make the selling process hassle-free, and you can get your cash in hand in just a few days. No matter why you need to sell quickly, Wise Property Buyers can help.

Get A Cash Offer for Your Home Without the Difficulty of
Listing On-Market

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Do Away with Agent Fees

When you sell your property, why would you give 6% of your profits to an agent? When Wise Property Buyers purchases your home, we sweeten the deal with a cash offer that you don’t have to share. We make the entire process risk-free, and even after you receive your offer, you’re under no obligation.

We promise we’ll never give you a low-ball offer. We give you a fair price based on market value and the condition of your home. Whether you’re having trouble finding a buyer or are running out of time to sell, Wise Property Buyers puts an end to your concerns.

We Make Selling Hassle Free

We know the overwhelming feeling you have when you’re trying to sell your home. Apart from the act of selling, you may be dealing with other elements related to a move like finding a new job, packing up your belongings, and finding a new home. When you accept an offer from Wise Property Buyers, you’re doing yourself a favor by checking a major item off your list.


Five-Star Service 

We’re your best option for selling your home because we’ll buy your house as-is. From applying a fresh coat of paint to cleaning and decluttering, you won’t have to deal with any of it. We know our process is simple, but we’ll still guide you along every step of the way so you’ll always have the information and confidence you need.

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How to Sell Your Michigan Home for Fast Cash

We make selling your home simple with a three-step process.



You won’t have any trouble contacting us to schedule your initial consultation. You can fill out an online form or call (313) 513-8824. We’ll establish a market value for your home and schedule a time to visit your home in person so we can get a good idea of its condition and determine a fair price.

Throughout the entire process, our friendly and knowledgeable team members can answer all your questions. You’ll appreciate the professionalism we bring to every meeting.



If you’re searching, “Sell my house fast in Michigan,” you’ll love how quickly you receive an offer from us. We can usually give you an offer within 24 hours of seeing your home.

Once you receive the cash offer, you’re under no obligation to take it. We’re confident you’ll have trouble finding a better offer, but if you do, we’re just glad you considered us.



You’ll receive your cash in hand at closing and you won’t have to pay any closing costs or fees. You are in charge and can pick a closing date that fits into your schedule. It can be as soon as 7 days or we can schedule it months in advance, it’s up to you.

Who Can Sell Their House for Cash in Michigan?

Who can benefit from selling their home quickly in Michigan?

Homes in Need of Repair

When potential buyers see homes that require extensive repairs, they likely won’t buy because they know they’ll have to put a lot of money into the property. Many homeowners also don’t have the capital needed to make the repairs themselves.

We buy houses in any condition, so you don’t have to make repairs. We have the experience and systems in place to efficiently and effectively make the repairs ourselves, so we can still offer you a better price than other buyers could. If you know your home needs considerable repairs, don’t waste your time looking for a realtor who won’t find you an offer as good as ours.

Homes You Don’t Want

Have you inherited a home you don’t want or need? When you sell us your home, you’re converting your inheritance into cash, and you’ll keep every penny of it for yourself rather than paying an agent. Your loved one wanted to ensure you have a bright and secure future, and we honor their memory by helping you get the most out of what they left you.

This also means you won’t wait for months to sell your home. Closing on the home can bring a sense of peace, and you can focus on healing and moving on to the next phase of your life rather than feeling stuck with a home that may evoke painful memories.

Owners with Health Problems

If you have health problems, you don’t have the energy or desire to waste time and money on fixing your house. Receiving a fast and fair offer can help you obtain the help and finances you need to manage your condition, and it also helps you reduce the stress that could hinder your well-being.

Don’t risk your health in a stressful situation when you already have a better option. Trust Wise Property Buyers to put your needs first.

People Who Need Fast Sales

Many people need a fast turnaround for selling their homes. Maybe you received a job transfer or you need to move and take care of an ailing family member. No matter your reasons, you can’t wait months to sell and close on your home.

Whether you love your home or you can’t wait to move, we can complete the entire process in as little as seven days. You won’t find a faster process. Why would you wait for your cash when you don’t have to?

Owners Risking Foreclosure

Going through foreclosure is stressful, and you risk taking a low-ball offer just to avoid serious financial issues. If you’re behind on your mortgage and at risk of losing your home, reach out to Wise Property Buyers. With the cash you receive from the sale, you can quickly find a living situation you can afford.

Homes with Back Taxes

The IRS can impose back taxes for various reasons such as underpayment, filing taxes with errors, or not filing taxes. While you can technically sell a home with back taxes, most buyers won’t want to deal with it. If you’re searching, “Sell my house fast in Michigan” so you can escape paying back taxes, we’ll help you take care of it as part of the process.

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TJ and Joe have been great to work with!!! Both are very responsive, honest & professional. Working with them has been such a positive experience. I appreciate their ease of communication and willingness to share their knowledge and information with me, being new to the Real Estate arena!!! Highly recommend Wise Property Buyers!

~ Linda Tyszka

“Wise Property Buyers are very professional and knowledgeable, and offer solutions to help any situation. Their honest and straightforward approach is appreciated by those who reach out for help.”

~ Ashley Straw


“Had an overwhelmingly awesome experience. Professional, quick, and most importantly courteous – something that is hard to come by these days. Would give more stars if I could”

stars– Glenn Caldwell



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Ashley Straw

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When you sell your home to Wise Property Buyers, you’ll enjoy a process that eliminates all the annoying parts of selling a house. You won’t have to find an agent and you’ll keep 100% of the money you earn.

You also won’t have to schedule your life around showings and open houses. You’ll deal with a single person rather than a real estate agent, buyers, an inspector, repair people, and a closing agent. We take on all the responsibility and work, and all you have to decide is how you’ll spend your money.

You Can Sell Your Home in Only a Few Days

If you don’t want to waste time having your home staged or dealing with showings, you’re probably Googling, “Sell my house fast in Michigan.” When you work with Wise Property Buyers, you’ll get a cash offer and close in as little as seven days, regardless of the state of your home. Please call or fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you promptly.